You will also learn about the legality of playing online games in Bulgaria, as well as what types of bonuses are offered by various casinos.

Legality of online gambling in Bulgaria

The legality of online gambling in Bulgaria has been an ongoing issue. While the country was initially unable to approve any new casinos, it has made steps towards liberalization in recent years. Its legislative system is largely compliant with most EU laws. As a result, Bulgarian players can feel confident in their gambling experiences.

Gambling has been legal in Bulgaria since 1993. But the government has had to make some adjustments to its policies, as the country’s gambling industry has been plagued with problems for a long time. A major issue has been the taxation of gambling. Because of the hefty tax rate, foreign operators have been reluctant to invest in the country’s gambling market.

Earlier this year, Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA) took on the task of issuing online gambling licenses. In addition to the licenses issued to local operators, international poker sites have also applied for licences. This change is expected to boost the legal gambling sector in Bulgaria and help the country grow its economy.

To obtain a gambling license, operators must submit a one-time licensing fee of about EUR50,000. Additionally, there are certain business practices that must be followed by the online operator to keep the game clean and secure. If the online casino does not meet these requirements, it will be blocked. Internet service providers often blacklist unlicensed operators‘ websites.

Before the advent of legalized gambling, there were many shady semi-legal establishments in Bulgaria.